Team Building

Looking for fun corporate team-building activities – at the Fire Service College we can provide a never to be forgotten firefighter experience!

The fire service is renowned for its teamwork ethic. Crews live, eat and work as one, learning that the only way to get results in near impossible situations is to work together. Your delegates can experience some of the elements of a firefighter’s role. In an action packed programme your team will learn about common goals, how to support each other and the difference that can working together can make.

Example activities include:

Hose reel

Teams learn how to put a hose reel together and participate in a timed race to roll out the hose and aim water at a specific target.

Locate and find

Working together as one team, delegates will us a guide rope to move through our confined space area – known as the ‘rat run’ in the pitch black. They will work together to locate and retrieve an object, such as a dummy.

Driving challenge

Delegates will drive a number of different vehicles, including a fire engine, ambulance and police car. They will drive around a small obstacle course on our incident ground, which will including negotiating driving in and out of a coned area and reverse-parking into a tight spot.

Fire extinguishers

Our instructors will provide a briefing session the use of fire extinguishers, explaining what different ones are for and the reasons why. Delegates can have a go at using a selection of different extinguishers including dry, foam CO2 and water.

If you are looking for alternative team building activities, we can work our team building partner or your own supplier to design and run the activity of you choice.


Thank you so much for putting together such an amazing and comprehensive team building exercise. The feedback from the team has been all positive, and everyone enjoyed themselves and got something out of the activities.